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Can Utility Bills be added to an IVA?

A common question out there when trying to figure out what to do about debt these days is whether or not you can actually add your utility bill to an IVA. Well, stop wondering now, because you’re about to get the answer. The fact of the matter is that if you are no longer living at that current address and you have utility bills, then you can use the IVA. In the event that you are still living there, though, that means you will need to speak directly with your utility company so that you can set up an arrangement privately with them to help deal with your bills. The IVA itself is a very good tool, used for helping to clear out debt so that you can have a much better chance at starting over. The IVA is a formal and sanctioned procedure, too, so if you see advertisements for some of the informal procedures being used, then you need to stay away. In the end, the IVA is one of the best methods to use for helping clear away your debt, as long as you’re using it properly.

Since you may or may not be able to use the IVA, or, if you don’t think you’ve reached that point yet, then you should just consider looking at your overdue bills logically. Overdue utility bills can cause a lot of problems, since if you lose your electricity or your gas, your supply will get shut off. Your phone bill also falls pretty high up in the rankings of importance as well, so make sure that you contact the different companies of bills that aren’t paid. If you work with them to pay an amount of some kind, then these fuel suppliers are required to keep your utilities on so long as you have agreed to a payment plan and then keep it. Your ability to actually pay does normally come into play while working these plans out, and your plan could mean everything from monthly or weekly installments to changing your utilities to a pre-pay situation. Your prepay situation will often mean that you have tokens or a smart card that you provide as you use the utilities. There are places where you can recharge your card, but in the case of a meter, you will have to make sure that the meter is topped up.

  • For water companies, they tend to give you bills only two times a year, which are in October and April. If you want to pay it in installments, you can, but you can also pay it all at once. Either way, make sure your payments stay up to date because, while they will not disconnect you, they will take you to court if need be. Again, the option of a payment plan should be just as viable with any other water company, since they, too, cannot simply shut off your supply.
In the event that you find you’re having some problems with your own utility supplier, then look to companies that are used to basically play watchdog, helping you with advice and even going so far to take up a complaint for you.

With most utilities, it makes sense to go for the monthly payment plan as it is a great help in ensuring that you budget and allow for these costs in the household.
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